How To

Apply for the Online Investment Licensing Application



Filling the Application Request Form (with new account registration)

Fill in the Application Request Form and submit it, within 3 business days you will receive an email informing you about the status of your application. Once approved, an email will be sent from your assigning Account Manager to guide you through the next step (Step 2).

For Consulting Companies and Offices, you will start first by filling the Companies' Listing Form and then after approval you can starting submitting Application Request Forms. 


Applying for Application form (A, B, C or D) & submitting the business plan & other related documents

Fill in the form & upload related documents. If any changes are required or once the application is complete, you will receive an email from your account manager. You will be informed then to visit the Investors Service Center to pay the required fees. At this step the 30 business days countdown will start for the final decision on the submitted application. You will be informed via email by your AM.


Commercial License Issuance

If the licensing application has been approved, you may then proceed with the commercials license issuance procedure with the support and guidance from KDIPA.


Investment License Issuance

After receiving the commercial license (and the Memorandum of Association), scan and upload them online, accordingly you will be required via email by your AM to visit the Investors Service Center to pay the issuance fees and receive the Investment License within 1 business day.